Notre philosophie

In the Vineyard

We are very concerned about the exceptional biodiversity of our land, that’s why all is done to preserve a perfect balance between forests, hedges and vines.

The entire estate is managed according to the rules of organic farming, certified by Ecocert since 2014, because we believe it’s the best way not to disturb the ecosystem. We use green or organic fertilizers according to the needs of each soil type, and when it’s possible, we maintain the wild vegetal cover, which permits to minimize erosion and keeps the soils alive.

We adopt the least stressful pruning method, particularly with our old grapevines (which average age is around 40 years’ old). Pruning is a very critical component of the grape production system; it allows us to maintain a certain amount of production and to obtain concentrated and healthy grapes.

Winery and winemaking

The winery is located right in the middle of our vineyard, thus the harvest arrives very quickly to the reception, without undergoing a long transport. It drastically decreases oxidation risks.

We combine traditional methods with modern technology, handcrafting qualitative wines which reflect our terroir. We believe in minimal intervention; we are here to create the best conditions to let the grapes express their true character and to keep these conditions from the harvest to the bottling. A good monitoring and regular tastings are the key.

– White wines
After an early harvest in the morning, grapes are sorted and go right after in the press, no pumps needed. Pressing, level of settling, and fermentation temperature are monitored in order to obtain the most fresh and elegant wines. A part of the wine is fermented and matured in 5hL oak barrels, and after fermentation, we keep the wine on lees, for a minimum of 6 months.

– Red wines
Here, the level and duration of extraction will vary depending on the variety, the cuvee, and of course, the tasting. Temperature again is strongly controlled. Maceration will end when analysis and tasting are satisfying, then the marc goes to the press, and press juice is separated from free run juice. Then, for certain cuvees, wine will be matured in 6hL oak barrels, the remaining wine will be stored and matured in concrete or stainless-steel tanks. Maturation times go from 10 to minimum 12 months, depending on the cuvee.

– Rosé wine
Our rosé is produced by the direct-pressing method. After an early harvest, grapes are directly pressed, and then only the free run must and first press juice will be used to make this wine. Like white winemaking, pressing, level of settling, and fermentation temperature are monitored according to the profile we want, the best terroir expression. Here no oak barrels needed, and the wine will be stored for a short period of time, then gently prepared for bottling.

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