Although the land registry shows there were already vines planted in the „Coste Chaude area“ in 1582…

… the Domaine as it is today was remodelled in the 1960s. The current owners took over the winery and the vineyards in 1994 and carried out a number of projects to improve grape varieties, the vineyard management and the grape processing as well as the storage area for bottled wines. The entire estate is managed according to the rules of organic farming, certified by Ecocert since 2014.


The Visan Plateau, our terroir.

Out of the Domaine’s 37 hectares (91 acres) lying at an altitude of 350 m (over 1000 feet), about 23 hectares are planted with vines whose average age is at least 40 years. Grenache, the king of the southern Rhône-Valley, is the main variety, followed by 6 hectares of Syrah and a recently planted vineyard of Mourvèdre. Three white grape varieties, Viognier, Roussanne and Grenache blanc have been planted in 2012.

In particular, it’s the variability of the soils and the terroir that makes Coste Chaude a special place. Its uniqueness is related to the region’s tormented geological history. In fact, 6 million years ago, when the Mediterranean was completely dried up, powerful rivers transported the rock material from the Alps and deposited the conglomerates now covering the Visan plateau.

Made up of small stones and clay dating from very old river deposits, the soil is mostly covered with large pebbles. The climate is influenced both by the nearby Mediterranean Sea and by the Mistral, a cool northern wind. Together, both climate factors guarantee the production of healthy and balanced grapes.


Our philosophy

Our working methods reflect our aspirations to make wines of high quality. The production of healthy grapes is thus fundamental to the domain’s philosophy.

Consequently, we use organic growing practices at Coste Chaude: application of natural fertilisers according to the needs of each soil type, disease-control by using environmentally friendly sprays, natural grass cover to prevent erosion and soil depletion. For us, this procedure is a transitional phase towards a more biodynamic approach.

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